Thinking out loud

In the spirit of the Paradise Papers, here’s a data dump of things that have caught my eye. I mentioned Working Out Loud in my last blog post. Since then I’ve read a bit more, received fantastic advice from members of the WOL community – who seem a genuinely collaborative bunch, and you know how […]

Ways to function

Here’s my piece in this month’s Briefing magazine, expanding on some of the recent conversations around BD department structures. Briefing_October_2017_Brain_Training And here’s a link to the full magazine, which is well worth downloading. Socially capitalise

BD structure and function

BD Breakfast – BD function and structure What do lawyers think the function should do Team sizes fluctuate according to the business need and strategic priorities, so it can be hard for departments to continue to provide a strategic, value adding service during lean times. This really exposes how partners view BD and what they […]

Innovate, don’t replicate

I facilitated another BD Breakfast last week, very kindly hosted by Reed Smith. A bunch of senior law firm BD leads talked about innovation, which seems to be this year’s black. Here’s what we discussed. What is innovation? The increasing recruitment of innovation specialists is testament to the subject’s growing importance to law firms. Whilst […]

Competition Winner!

Slightly misleading headline, sorry. The good folks at Briefing magazine have very kindly published a piece based on my last BD Breakfast round table. Here’s a link if you fancy a read. Here’s a link to the magazine. Well worth dipping into (though I suppose I would say that).